Meet the Presenters

The Hidden Impact of Homelessness on Childhood Facilitators

Janice Wellington, LCSW-C

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Erica Garcia, MSW

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Engaging The Hard to Engage Youth In Care Facilitator

Efuntomiwa Adedeji, LCSW-C

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LGBTQ, SOGIE?: Improving Outcomes for Youth In Care Facilitator

Kameko J. Styles, LICSW

Kameko Johnson-Styles is a licensed Social Worker with a strong background working with underserved youth and families. As a child welfare professional Johnson-Styles has first-hand experience working with vulnerable youth populations in both residential and foster care settings. A trainer and published author, Johnson-Styles demonstrates competencies in case planning and management, group facilitation, socioemotional development, social science research, crisis interventions and trauma-based therapies.

Sex Trafficking of Abused and Neglected Youth: A Growing Social Problem Facilitators

Janelle W. Martinez, LICSW, LCSW-C

Janelle W. Martinez, LICSW, LCSW-C, is a true advocate for youth who has experienced abuse, neglect, and victimization.  For the past decade, Mrs. Martinez has devoted her professional career to serving the communities most vulnerable children and youth who are a part of the Washington metropolitan areas child welfare and juvenile justice systems, through positive youth development, youth and family therapeutic interventions, and coordination of services.  Ms. Witcher currently serves as a Program Director responsible for the clinical and administrative functions of program service delivery to emotionally disturbed, multiply victimized, learning disabled and behaviorally disordered children and adolescents in the child welfare system.  She has extensive knowledge, skills and experience with high risk populations including sex trafficking youth and LGBTQ youth and recently trained staff at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on the intersect between sex trafficking and child welfare.   

Unique Arnold, LGSW, LMSW Unique Arnold, LGSW, LMSW is a social worker who specializes in her work with children and youth in the child welfare system who are victims of sex trafficking.  Her knowledge and experience in the commercial sexual exploitation of children has allowed her to share her skills with others through peer consultation and training. Ms. Arnold understands the impact of providing trauma informed, evidence informed interventions and innovative therapeutic strategies to effectively provide services to the communities most vulnerable individuals.  Her background includes work with children, youth and families in both community-based child welfare systems and residential homeless programs.